The Right Golf Clubs For You-Choose The Best

Missing out on choosing the most suitable golf club means missing out the opportunity to improve your performance during the game. This is something that most players are yet to understand, especially the amateur ones. If a professional game is observed carefully, it is clear that the how the player grips his club makes all the difference in the game. Find out all about golf grips at

What’s happening in the Golf World Grips are important to any game in golf. The usually used materials include Rubber and Thermoplastics. Many improvements are being experimented to make them easier to handle and also to provide more traction. The companies involved in the manufacturing process include:- · Winn · Eaton · Lamkin · Royal · Percise

They are all bringing out many variations to provide extra grip, extra soft, lightweight grips. Not only are they providing easier grips, but many manufacturers are also taking into consideration the comfort of the elder generation members who are interested in the game. Golf Pride has presented grips which provide ease to older people who have problems with their wrists and arms. Initially, when a soft grip was brought into the market, there used to be an issue with it twisting in the player’s hands. This has been effectively solved by introducing grips with two layers; the top layer will be of a soft texture while the underlying one is firmer. This eliminated the probability of twisting.

Benefits of a soft grip

· The balance point of the club is lowered · The speed of the club head increases · Provides an excellent feel to the club head · Better comfort while handling the club · Lesser strain on the player’s wrist · Positioning hands at better angles · Enables hands to stay dryer by removing the moisture

Grips with embedded thread are also provided as options for wet weather conditions or if the players’ hands sweat immensely. It will not be used if the moisture content is high as the club tends to slip from the player’s hands. Some companies also provide grips with specific patterns. Make sure these patterns allow you to play freely. Some professional players prefer plain grips as the grooves make their hands uncomfortable. It’s a matter of personal preference as well as the style of playing. The feel of the grip as well as the functional intent needs to be given importance.

Specialty grips are also available in the market. Percise’s Wedge Grip is a much-preferred one that enables choking down on shorter chips. These are selected depending on the conditions of the terrain and moves required. Long putters will need to have extra long grips. The best sellers requested by professional golf players are

· Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips · Green Victory grips

Amateurs can always observe how the game is being played in serious matches. Learning by trial and error is beneficial as the players get to experience what they are doing wrong and where they are doing well. Playing golf with the right accessories helps you enjoy the game, so do your small research before picking the best ones.

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